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Tourism And Hotel Business
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Tourism And Hotel Business
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New Interesting Initiative by HATCH

Failures are what shapes us all and our big wins in the future. F'up Fridays by HATCH is fun & learning experience.


Digital Nomads - The World is my office!

Special Edition of Idea Club Meetup featuring new trend in entrepreneurship& lifestyle.


The first international publicity for

Our platform was featured on It gives us more opportunity to be seen allover the world!


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Platform Inspiring Active Lifestyles in Sri Lanka
Step by step towards success
Medtech app oDoc
Revolutionizing Interior Design with Pendi

The Women Top 50

The "Women Top 50" Professional and Career Women Annual Conference 2018 will be held on Tuesday 04th December at the Galle Face Hotel Read more...

Insights for Growth

One more event to be known & published - "Top women entrepreneurs share insights into empowering women for next wave of growth": Article done by Daily FT Read more...

Women In Startups

Inspiring information for read for any Sri Lankan woman - "Women In Startups - Things are about to change": Article by ROAR MEDIA Read more...