Small Grants Program for Sri Lanka

Funding Opportunity Title:  U.S. Embassy Colombo 

Funding Opportunity Number:  PAS-COL-010

CFDA Number:  Public Diplomacy Programs for Sri Lanka - 19.040 

Funding Instrument Type:  Grant or Cooperative Agreement

Floor of Individual Award Amounts:  $5,000 USD

Ceiling of Individual Award Amounts:  $25,000 USD 

Email:  [email protected]

Grants are intended for local representatives of civil society including non-governmental organizations, cultural institutions, universities, schools, and individuals.  To receive funding, grants must support one of the following goals:  

1. Promote reconciliation, through programs which promote social integration among all segments of society; encourage participatory processes between citizens and government; strengthen partnerships to give communities a greater voice in government and society. 

2. Improve respect for human rights, through programs which strengthen democratic values; enhance awareness and protection of religious freedom and human rights principles; and encourage gender equality. 

3. Improve respect for and application of freedom of expression, through programs that promote a free and open media; strengthen understanding of social media; empower journalists through training (including ethics, investigative techniques, and English language). 

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