Australian High Commission Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka

The Direct Aid Program

The Australian High Commissions Direct Aid Program (DAP) for Sri Lanka and Maldives is a competitive small grants program available to eligible organisations to undertake development activities on a not-for-profit basis.

All project proposals funded under DAP must:

  • Qualify as Official Development Assistance (ODA) (as defined by the OECD).
  • Cost up to AUD 50,000.
  • Have a specified duration of up to two years.
  • Be from a legally registered community group, international or local non-government organisation (NGO), academic body, independent institution or association (projects cannot be submitted by individuals), based in, or with an office in Sri Lanka or Maldives.
  • Be received by 31 October 2018.


    Preference will be given to projects that address one or more of the following:

    For Sri Lanka projects

  • -Work with individuals or communities affected by conflict, including women, children and people with disabilities.
  • -Promote social cohesion.
  • -Build community awareness of, and participation in, the transitional justice process.
  • -Support institutions to deliver good governance and peace-building outcomes to communities.
  • -Provide or advocate for psychosocial and other disability support services for those impacted by conflict.

For Maldives projects

  • -Promote social cohesion.
  • -Build community awareness of, and demand for, good governance and the rule of law.
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