Digital Nomads - The World is my office!
They are called Digital Nomads & The World is their office! 
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Eight years ago we dropped our careers in psychology and international law to pursue our dreams and travel the world. Right now we're spending an average of 2-3 months in one destination while managing several projects we founded and discovering the cultures we submerge ourselves into.

We believe in a gift-based economy and that's why we've been traveling with this workshop for the past year and giving the tools that we use ourselves to people around the world.

--> The most valuable lesson learned while volunteering in a Buddhist monastery in the Philippines?
--> Is it possible to live the Ten Principles of Burning Man year-around?
--> Which Japanese instrument of self-development will help you find your passion?
--> Who are digital nomads and why it's time for you to become one?
--> How wanting to volunteer and change lives of others we changed our own.
--> Why community is the most useful tool for self-development.

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5 ways to cardinally change your travel patterns and cut down expenses
3 tools of self-development that help us live a happier life as a couple

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