Step by step towards success
Shereen Esther Selladurai about her growing startup - Homemade black hair oil.

When we talk about success, we are usually imagine big corporations, international businesses, Global level startups and influential brand names, but those are not the only great initiatives in the world, most genius Ideas start small - in your own home or garage, without huge investment and inspired and led by enthusiasm and true passion only!

The story we want to share with you today, is one of that kind; The small steps to success, the faith in following one's own path and the hard work towards bringing your dream to reality. is talking with young and creative Srilankan lady -   Shereen Esther Selladurai-  about her growing startup - Homemade  black hair oil.  

What was inspiring her? What made her follow her dream and passion?

"I was always conscious about natural beauty product and wanted to support people with skin and hair issue. So one day did as my grandmas did , the recipe was just within me as ancient grandmas hand , I used to see my grandparents and parents using it when I was a little child and it was a part of our life.  later after, this became very easy for me because I was surround by a group of people named Works of Wonder who were health and natural conscious. The leader's vibe inspired me to start this God given gift which later became a business. People has started to buy my product because they saw good results. I am happy that I am able to serve busy people who have no time to prepare homemade oil."

This natural black oil mask treatment is sold for a reasonable price and its easy to use. Many of customers are truly happy that they have hair growth, volume increased, color tone darkened, hair fall stop and bald parts has started to disappear.

This product now available at the Goodmarket shop in Lakpahana courtyard opposite Racecourse and YHR No is 14 Philip Gunawardena Mawatha Colombo 7 which is opened daily form 8 am - 8pm , it is also available at the Goodmarket Saturday stall sold by Goodness me online company.

This hair oil uses 100% natural ingredients such as: coconut oil and other mixture of oil, curry leaves, some herbs and roots in order to prepare this oil , Then kept under the sun light for several days for the best unique virtues of natural vitamins. This is specifically for people who suffer of hair fall, baldness, premature graying and chemical damaged hair issues.

Results are visible within two weeks of continuous use ... This is used as a treatment hair mask which is to be applied around and to wash off the same day after leaving just for 20 minutes and never should be kept on the head overnight. If followed continuously and orderly the results will be amazing!

As the conclusion of this article wants to mention: don't wait till someone will lead your life, don't compare your goals & achievement with big players - continue small steps of success and make your Ideas come to life. 

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