Platform Inspiring Active Lifestyles in Sri Lanka - A Platform Inspiring Active Lifestyles in Sri Lanka!

This is one of the fast growing startups in Sri Lanka - an independent startup created with a mission to inspire you to get active while providing credible health and fitness information all under one roof. ensures to provide unbiased, credible, transparent and free information to the end user and actively discourage marketing and advertising that is unhealthy or detrimental to the health and wellbeing of users. They strongly believe in the health benefits of an active lifestyle and provide our audience with online and offline resources on how to stay fit and counteract the detrimental effects of sedentary living. 

Their comprehensive web DIRECTORY at lets you find people, places, events and activities at ease, and book experiences with a click of a button. The online SHOP allows you to order fitness gear at the comfort of your fingertips while we do the delivery to your doorstep. They also publish a periodic print magazine called Workout MAG along with video features so that our audience as well as advertisers benefit from innovative and context relevant advertising messages. In addition, organizes regular public TALKS, WORKSHOPS on health & fitness and outdoor EXPERIENCES to inspire your healthy journey. You can find updates by following their FB page.
Want to experience a unique hiking journey with your friends or colleagues? A beach activity, an outdoor excursion immersing yourself in nature while experiencing fun adrenaline games? Research gives us enough evidence that a well developed corporate outbound training program translates well into experiential learning that helps increase productivity and divergent thinking in the workspace while giving your staff a much needed break from the grind. Wherever your interests and objective lie, the startup offers a unique program tailor-made for you and your team. satisfies a real consumer need i.e. provision of credible and up-to-date fitness and health related information and resources all under one platform.
Looking for active things to do can be a daunting task as it requires manual research or inquiry. Lack of access to availability of information hinders adoption of services due to lack of consumer awareness. aims to make activity hunts easier so that our users can find over 400 places, 250 class schedules, 70 activity types to choose from, events and articles related to health and fitness i.e. anything from healthy food outlets, yoga centers, to hiking events, coaches, physiotherapists and more. 

Given that exercise and diet helps prevent cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, obesity, diabetes and most cancers, we feel our media does not carry effective means of addressing preventative measures or behavioral change that is necessary among our community. Hence, it has given reason to have developed a platform that reaches a wider audience and addresses present healthcare requirements of society. As a tech startup that promotes health and fitness, they believe in the importance of reaching out to a wider public with tools and techniques that effectively and innovatively make changes in lifestyles.

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