Ayurveda Brand is open for Partnership
Ayurveda Brand is open for Partnership


The Story

An Ayurveda Doctor by profession and her brand called LIVE AYURVEDA is looking for partners & investors.

Its focused on living healthy (mind , body & soul) naturally (that means without even herbal medicine). 
We've always wanted to start a complete "wholistic centre" that is a spa not only with physical treatments but with emotional, spiritual and social support too. 
If anyone is interested in joining us in starting up this venture (anything you can contribute - knowledge , ideas, insight...anything) you are very welcome to do so. 

Also LIVE AYURVEDA will be launching it's Online Shop in January 2019. So If there are any of you who would like to sell your Ayurveda/Herbal/Wellness Products and have difficulty in doing so I could offer a platform for you. We will also sell products through partner shops (offline) too. 
Please contact us with details of you,your product and please include a contact number